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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 20, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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ulns![ all chng so ppy! coralatis! ho therehe>> tettingn the limo [ lahter >> y all s tse days, feel like evyotsbe >> i wna b.>> i athe it >> right nm focus on f how wilpeopo t ther >>sh good quti. i'reo answer ia >>seoues a push. t rl peop iisse'm n a ptor.@ >> .on what ey t t re shows.. iexcid! wa!a!'re not. wt? >>'m didpa...>> it'ank . m i ou&>>'rgonna am h. ...d i"fess. ieen bbedi been rd! >> ihe naturist hosty.>> "natu bait." u e?
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ike rkoesn whas going on >> okay, g g jusay >> pfect.>> aht tt unrereonna scov sometng newogether. guess. >> g, yeah. h lahing) (tnder)>>s n. mns, , rii waryonecog m because, ynoom gring up, yon't rerecoioa t. i llo ything to amous.d b thhiest here to fams. i uld ben froner to be famous. >>eyguys, weto ate it i'n, andhiis the sho where we try tdiscer a prious uved spp ptur on and are it wite wortr fit . and feelinday what we' gonnaeehopefully,ither a new ecieof deeror a npe of rahodo youeel abt >>h, w wow. >>hat's >>s citing 's your ckound ave a na ofny kd?>> i mean,t res mef back
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, arthe wood and dirtndananf li thaha >> aou gs adto gut e and be ne bgit? >> y >>oly. >> i'mxc, go.eto it.basep e onway-- i re, we are or way. hey,ry, list dan re "na b" t,'m joine vernon a dav d wee go out a.. isconew ecs. tse ahe egg owise knothe cerieo where thactyeepping.escily the72ours wenolo of vity. h,ow. >> yeai ink ave ouhance he tse g w. >> okay. >>y, guys,foree in tif gjustck ou han. ru rub it in >> okay. >> tt'an al thiltries imals to oa.y, andhi coming ain? >> we're hopin a new ecies eith ode o could beaccoon, t wesuspect. >> o youw, yh! >> let's go ahead d imin the, vern.
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>> (la >> rhtmyrid. a rht a? 'm rdyye. okay, g >>htt beent inegg! vernon is isgg >>llht, sohis is vernono gnin.out here in the a lderne. just, uminhiere. coo , , . >> whaup, rn >> what ve >> a youiting anngng don't seeoouch. >>a! what was that? veyosee that omet ran rhtt to tight o >> n don anyg. >>o,s onft rethe! >> yea jt-- i it orhe. it do ye-- you have eyeon , veon>> n i s aing. >>h! on't aing!what? >> it looked like h something in itseeth >> wha >> le a... tbr or b
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mhte a ivore. 't seethg, dave. n't know what u' talng t. >> du t e th? >> i don seeothi you guys areeeing thg t se >> whar s,t'mong a lot faster than pate tant rr) >> oh, was t ka guy i'mtivg pos of setng200 or 300ounds has sighd sur i somhingwl >> wha >>esyou dn't hea grl? rr) oh, leep i heard i keep uryes open be ale, ok in f g.>> i'm sng in the eg l t.i me, it't b to come in he, will whoa! >>t? >>a!>> (blee! whoa!>>hat yose, at >> oh, mgo >>t, what doou s >>doeedu? dosee nothg. red arown bge a thin't no deer! >>t is it?
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whatt bnd it'sasbig anfa >>kay, distch los. st i egg guyer whahe say snga-lo that'shai hear owng >> who hey! wha atamn, w >> stay in your ! >>p)! >> stay in your eggs wt (bleep)? >> s your gs wt's going on? omdo, i'm own. stn ggs. d, are y all?l,t back in e treeou okay.h, keepour es on. veunrespve h, d-- somhi behin you, shing'sn't-- move >> w >> s. (whng) at come closero , s->> wt? >> up m >>has e?>> s uco cser to me. owak wds m >> scared m f he c- h!>>roarg)>> a (p) tay ere! smove!>>t the (bleep)? whhe--hat (b>>roar>> vnok ate! rnon! vernon! >>h! (in whathe (bleep) ishat? m wha tha sy ve>> what thleep)-- i donnohat isha whathe ( (ee y got
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>> y're fen here thel am i otoles r her ctiethi iand something to .>> no, no, no. cause an- aah!>> (ars) >> obleep) whatbleep)? no runh!eep)! >>in aat theblee? (s >>ing) >> (scamin (bepah! aap) my g! ohmy god whheblee was t >> gtael, that?>> thae ep) bigfoo >> come let's get out h okay, ke yr time. -- tyouree..backo . t? k th me.>> d takmeutth (orest. turarnd, rod! oh, gack in here. sd at lst g bk ine. vernon,te"natbait," the tow? it'sone, ed wh th ha you suppo be the , m`au do wh thow >>'me with hat? >> it too dierentsh wado... ..ewra show. ll "me.">> what? nd y'ronghw.>> sayt?
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>> a pnkho hoee wh thel? (hs)>>o! >> oh,blp)>>eah! >> (lahs ow y flivern? at'dou t w happeni? g mthe he outisda-- damn wilderth-- at what - at's how , geme up outtre! `is birrhis israzy! u u go rl good. >>l wt yok. wl,hiut goer and e abto fd outh magic behi magic wat de, i-i-i-- will swin
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inssiby.>>on't rember ?>>o. >> oy,o is ili a pi cnnel>>kay. the guy's a tme herehe tnkhe gon sellingtuffd 's l oy. e he com. >> ms lan.i reesman. ngaging. i hareat smi people lik.that whamakes me ad salesman, se iw howoseysf.>>ll? >> meeu- e meet co to th ne toeeyo thank y>> you rea tsellome pruct? 'mdy, readto do what letit! >>ld sell. meat a vegerian. a bibl aist. e flag ta black panther. sellin.>>ave do livtv b >> i he. great >> dr. weiner, igonn
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-- so,ou- - reonnaav wi h. bring him up'cause h eney can be low. okay, cl. >'m eitedut you, >>uckl) k yoir>>h. ye gollgiwa o "wat, er, wher "ner go thirain,mac water isr one. ? so, step up here elco bk towod you y atetwork'm allan wen fe, fou- , . inthrewoon.. meack. namis allan. e ond yobuy atand 're inabt c wate i he no ia what m waight, so'm a autto iroduce tthe innt of m. weer, dies andtl.(ae) drweerho sir ooood, gooanyou r e. thank for bei he.soll us abgic ter.>>oud waerybodneedter. >> i'm trsty now& >>l,'m glad yosaid au want yoto t something. th iboled wate mwhatou tt'd r. >>t's good-- it'good
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ofatthd of the ct? lethise you >> oy.>> that isag w mmind b right, es andentl. this m wt intois sleeve.d urwar to t chamgnglass. how tt'mac ter.nt youe how ear th is.>> ilothe me>> yh.`i tasthme i wantouo the sthinswisit around-- 'm trusting drinking it of ycoket. >> you susme.>> i trustu.>>s c wateit numr >> it it is delicwater, lads gentmen. th is tely gd anold, f seappant rso wtaut tetlic tae?hat's abs-that's gone.this tasexpense, acty. a, t insll .9 andou he unmid lyf's s col m clle ois wor m ue on how hep this water, bum exabt .
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right now e magibend c r. t'do thucks) sou u te you unateagic wat. >> is a ltmee--(c he urin totohis lt, and hethe fianhis ine, it tmagic te>>nd tu il, d then itast delicioas y ta shat'urthatou ha, >> >> tt'magi ches. e yomee. ldn.>> um. um a gen, uh-- , - m-- >> che cs! >> yea 199 three inalen o19.99. ndhat'it. thas it, you ha wat for e st o le. nk you >> thank you 'll behtac >> all right, aiit we comrcl breace j. dre you?>>e-yeah, sotely.
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>>et me 6 m goill . our next segmt,t,e ne be rey,cawe're nnte, yesess,es. thlly his ine? u i ised littleit ofof at didt e >>'m to ew some m re q that c't b be- el l ask him t alla ink t seal. (in pt bine,dude'cause i-- >> oy. >> d'tto hto w hiass,anifs ure. >> i-- h b in ke minute. oka ju-m thquestis, aight? >> i'mor.>>hree, .. weome ba! wcome bthwod you y th sohe'se's g- he sellili a f cl oure. thathayou'reryinto ig? ys. a . . w,-- (stamri)e ontion i do ha don'ow si enayisra, but yo dn't telt wawater be ye drin? >> bse it'lted.
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i'saying uts-- >> didn'teecausethat h much i it. >>ispering) soun >>nd-- so, doeit w >> witma you a ther inside enisp toour blder,>> o my >> ... prcest-- te60 bes obuying thore,ou'vven. >> cal, any quesons youmahave. drweers heo swer qu and wre >> wouou buy tt? ould b tha at wt- >>hsal >>olon got--(s) know didn' i fte roken. >>o,o. d i-- win de, avd fier i. t thhe'soi oveelev nhi li it! aru alt? >>'mool. >> jwant tbe car, he's verhesiannt l his is lade. ths nade, i uslar ta went bacndutn avor cryal >> ts kekead is nadei'm ll you. yo aonadan ha kidthat can't ad nade >> youm upset,
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>>an, ha queio for u-- ulyou buy >>l no, i 't bhat. my ms ururating-- s you wout buy is t? >> i wouldn'nointh wldell. i hoddea.t't d ofs prodt. t' y selsendiow..vid ads calledfameless..trutv. go ahead, ll yelan.>>laughing, w at of r s at? >>chuckl) it's rteit'sust realer.t're ppus hoo!>> s h >> ws up, david?at md hayou di what-- myan almgo ed o >>laug)
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onasd "r ink >> is tht's petly my ba? you>> yeah, ready.
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in for hisst tat hnodea thiss acal a ngsh.ver you're readyu ju let mknow, ay >> y o-twnd go okaouott. >>namej. i, litha wanted a oo e was like 18. i justever g aund oingt.i'lways en kind of fea ofetti a ttoo. sumet pthreshd kind . i came to "hlyweir to (bleep pos t chi ovbut wot iet i i'moo s i i ne butn bo a ghey muer tmyype orix yea wik cge, "oh, a rap not trtrrl kov sea oo)>> hman! h! ha? >>.celo show,>> t>>co tn k.>>h,blee
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e's gonnpuyo ttoid onr body >> (ammengngngcra-, am ietting t katon? >>no was goa give t i am-!i'nd oeechlesshan d gon be the rst rs to ttooe. (dchim) h! hlo >> ht g? you ppntnt h,'mappointment. o,t-what dyou to t? auey hbu she'a , ke >> ynaikmby the-- aomed audrey he okay, cool. ju syoow, i'justonna pulittit oinm on rhtow tol? that'co. >>urn ou >> oh, re yo,ht theahi me, nng s is so in s it likic nng >> ia pical esthic but,ikspiaen, you kn, you' filmi gein, allyf it's yr rstaoo wan be ableo lk to and t-- you t lo lik a wusskn... oh, yeantti onamera? m nnt stenc yorelyanth i you li it, um, wp it tre righ coo lo into irsoan nd of seit. do yee it?
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(tatbuzzing)>>ea? >> rhtowi'm g ttoo by kat n d. so evebodyrefeealo. justathihid ous. lle' alle. e yore--o finay e it yea >> ooooo thas fo tato >> yeah. >> s we'ethe jus a leitfo the re kay. >>... be yout,i nt to leyo thatths a pers tmadeis wle tngsi >>ka hi.>> douem?o.>> rll y >>bo my twinister? >> yh. ancea.dohang aell? rom m ora? rom flor d u , you ru her putati.e'be c cibate ever since.
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to ompletely st, thame, i do mber aot of stat ened. >>ow ithatosble? >> there'seasons if tisbout francei m sorry.ea anu ma her and everythi, man. ielling you, wa really-- i dot ason, be hest with okay? it's c. >> no,son. >> n it's >> you j oj.c.? j.c. >>o,ou don go byon n ws ur full me >> juan carl >> jrlos. (bep mgod, don't ii don't know ithis ithgu oka t'- 'rgonnvehe artwk. >>oeave methg towis? w r, then try igt hoto ap this ., sthere (cremutterindistct f need him fr t mror,ight her that's gr shat ow d you weren? >> "rg ink." y. i don know-
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pug on was called "rennk oh. >>s you whad a litt bit oa--a miommucaon >> learyou were suosedo bethhow.i'm gonna ve you te ok athe wat's bne. wharmanentl m. for thre o my the wo "ck bt"ju travin aile mi my (bleep) hrigh >> a r, de, li... e habeens mistake-- d'tnowho th(b) thl >> kw. i know! i+ngo y >> sson wasuppedo get"dictt" on h (eep) rhtshouou
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